Goats' Milk, Honey and Oatmeal Soap

  We have formulated a simple, cold-processed goats' milk, honey, and oatmeal soap. In our soap, goat’s milk is the #1 ingredient. This soap is mild and provides an amazing lather. This luxury soap contains generous amounts of argan oil and castor oil. It is available unscented or scented with the following essential/fragrance oils:  lavender, bitter almond, lilacs and lilies, myrtle sandalwood, and frankincense and myrrh. In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, this soap is fully vegetarian and utilizes only Rainforest Alliance certified palm oil. Bars are approximately 2 x 4 inches and weigh in excess of 4 oz. 



 We currently have 4 hives of bees and are attempting to expand our apiary annually given the tremendous importance of honeybees to our well-being and the current plight of the honeybee. In addition to beauty and pollination our girls provide us with the following wonderful products.

Beeswax Skin Balm

We have formulated an incredible, soothing, moisturizing skin-balm ideal for hard working hands, or any other part of the body that needs tender loving care. Aside from fragrance or essential oils, this balm contains only two simple ingredients: beeswax, and pure, fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil is easily absorbed and sealed in with the natural beeswax for a supple long-lasting moisturizing effect. This comes unscented, which is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, and also in a variety of awesome fragrances, including lavender, almond, lilacs and lilies, myrtle, sandalwood, and frankincense and myrrh.


These hand-dipped candles are lovingly made in the same way that our ancestors made them. We use pure beeswax, which provides a superior, clean burning, long lasting candle.



Pure, natural, wildflower honey is seasonally available. 




  We have now handcrafted an artisan skin balm containing CBD and other botanicals that have been used for centuries. Our balms contain a CBD concentration of 150 g/ oz and come unscented (with CBD alone), with 5% Camphor essential oil and 1.2% Eucalyptus essential oil, or with pure hemp (Cannabis sativa) essential oil. These healthful additives are of the highest quality and are delivered in our traditional beeswax and coconut oil balm. In addition to gaining the benefits of CBD and these botanical extracts, the skin is moisturized and softened and everything is sealed in a delicate layer of beeswax.



  We are very proud of our lavender patch, and our bees love it.  Currently we have about 150 plants.  We use our lavender in the production of our lavender soaps and sachets.


 Enjoy the delightful, soothing fragrance of lavender in one of our attractive sachets. Our sachets are prepared with lavender and American-grown white rice at a 1 to 1 ratio with lavender essential oil added. The rice adds heft, and the essential oil provides long-lasting fragrance. These are excellent to place in your pillow to ensure a good night's sleep and sweet dreams. They are also wonderful in drawers or in a automobile, or any place you desire the natural scent of lavender.




These small simple catnip sachets provide an irresistible toy for your feline companion. These sachets contain catnip grown here at Fern’s Meadow that has been Opie tested and Opie approved.